PL-6976 is a mixed aryl sulfonium salt cationic photoinitiator. It is very fast curing and provides lower yellowing than PL-6992. It is soluble in most cycloaliphatic epoxies as well as vinyl ethers and other vinyl terminated monomers but insoluble in H2O.
Unit of Measure

Typical Properties

Viscosity @ 25 ºC (cps)

N/A 75

Specific Gravity

N/A 1.39

Performance Properties

N/A Excellent in thick or pigmented films Very fast curing


N/A Pale yellow liquid

Chemical Class

N/A Mixed aryl sulfonium salts


N/A Faint, characteristic

Usage Levels

N/A 0.3 to 10 %

Typical Applications

N/A Coatings for graphic arts, wood, plastics, metals.