PL-6992 is a mixed aryl sulfonium salt cationic photoinitiator. It is very fast curing and easy to work with. It is soluble in most cycloaliphatic epoxies as well as vinyl ethers and other vinyl terminated monomers but insoluble in H2O.
Unit of Measure

Typical Properties

Viscosity @ 25 ºC (cps)

N/A 75

Specific Gravity

N/A 1.32

Performance Properties

N/A Excellent in metal applications Very fast curing


N/A Pale yellow liquid

Chemical Class

N/A Mixed aryl sulfonium salts


N/A Faint, characteristic

Usage Levels

N/A 1.0 to 8.0 %

Typical Applications

N/A Coatings for graphic arts, wood, plastics, metals.