PL-200 is an effective hydrophilic fumed silica providing excellent gloss and rheology control in inks, coatings, adhesives gel coats and resins.

Typical Properties

Melting Point

N/A 192-208 ºC

Performance Properties

N/A Better anti caking control Excellent rheology control Very good anti settling characteristics


N/A White fluffy powder

Chemical Class

N/A Hydrophilic fumed silica

Usage Levels

N/A 0.5 – 20 %

Surface Area

N/A 200 M2/g

Particle Size

N/A 12nm

Density (tapped)

N/A 50g/l

Typical Applications

N/A PL-200 can be used in a variety of systems including UV, solvent or water based systems for both rheology and gloss control. It also provides anti-settling properties in pigmented systems.