PL-7110 is a low color urethane that is a viscous liquid at room temperature. Upon cure, PL-7110 creates a tough polymer with percent elongation near 60%. PL-7110 is non-yellowing and can be used in formulations to add toughness.
Unit of Measure

Typical Properties


N/A 2

Color (APHA)

N/A <25


Viscosity @ 40 ºC (cps)

N/A 36,000

Tensile Strength (N/mm^2)

N/A 13

Elongation (%)

N/A 60

Performance Properties

N/A Excellent Elongation Good toughness Non-yellowing

Elastic Modulus (N/mm^2)

N/A 140

Typical Applications

Typical Applications

N/A PL-7110 can be used in a wide range of photocure applications, including visible light, UV, and LED.